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Solidity Typescript Hardhat

A BoilerPlate Template Project To Start Solidity Development With Hardhat and Typescript
It can be found on the following link

Hardhat Configuration

  • typescript support enabled
  • typechain plugin installed (typescript type bindings are generated from smart contracts)/check Typechain docs
  • hardhat-deploy plugin enabled (use deployments from deploy folder, order and tag them; multi-network)
  • hardhat console enabled - to allow console.log usage within solidity code
  • testing environment configured and operational
Check the Hardhat documentation for more information.
We recommend installing hh autocomplete so you can use hh shorthand globally.
npm i -g hardhat-shorthand


Run npm install and then:
  • hh compile - to compile smart contract and generate typechain ts bindings
  • hh test - to run tests
  • hh deploy - to deploy to local network (see options for more)
  • hh TABTAB - to use autocomplete
  • hh node - to run a localhost node
Check package.json scripts for more options. Use .env.example file and adapt it to you values and settings.